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Mr Barry Webb

Five Star ***** Property Company

Purchased 3 Bed Penthouse apartment in Nov 2009.

In Spring 2009 my wife and I decided to buy another property. A holiday home in Cornwall or Marbella Spain. We planned a break in Marbella during July – August to view 6 properties a day a total of 30 – 36. We contacted six property companies to organise viewings. We sent a long list of what we were looking for in a priority order. Paul Cossins from El Soto De Marbella Properties, was easily the most professional, providing viewings of exactly what we had specified, he explained the benefits and even some of the negatives of each viewing. Which was surprising and refreshing. Paul did not come over as a pushy salesman, just a very helpful person, he is extremely knowledgeable of the whole area. Paul never tried to "sell" any property to us, he just provided us with lot’s of information which helped us make our own decision. Some of the other companies' sales people were definitely "Salesmen" which was uncomfortable and disconcerting. We would not hesitate to recommend Paul and El Soto De Marbella Property to any family member or friend who were thinking of buying a property in the Marbella area. Without doubt, a lovely company 100/100...

Thank you to El Soto De Marbella Property.

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